1000 + Stain Remover and cleaning solutions

Highly concentrated for super value! Over 10 litres of cleaning product.

More Tips & Uses

Reach for Winning Colours for these and many more uses:

  • Take sticky label glue off surfaces
  • Clean artist brushes (does not ruin the sable bristle)
  • Clean your outdoor patio furniture
  • Clean your Barbeque grill
  • Clean your Oven
  • Use on your pots and pans
  • Squirt a bit of Winning Colours in your Dishwasher and put on Rinse cycle to clean and remove odours.
  • Remove graffiti
  • Loosen and remove chewing gum
  • Take sweat stains out (yes, even on white shirts!)
  • Use to clean up hobby messes such as glue and paint off various surfaces - even hands.
  • Clean jewellery
  • Gets rid of bird/bat droppings
  • Cleaning mold and dirt off gutters, siding, decks and fences
  • Clean windows
  • Fabulous on tile grout
  • Clean your gardening tools
  • Degreasing car engine parts
  • Engine shampoo

A thousand uses in one convenient solution!